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hello my name is Clint and I go by NinjaMirage, on Xbox and most other forums. I have bin part of  the SLO(w) community for several years and have made many suggestions that have bin rejected by the  Devs on that project. 

As a result I started to learn programing and have completed online courses for C# and am taking C++ now. I am fairly proficient in Unity, but have never touched Unreal 4, yet. But you know if this game ever makes more then 100,000.00

you will owe unreal royalties of up to 25% I think it was. Unity only requires a subscription to the pro account if your game is successful. But judging by the Low poly nature of the Game design so far, you might consider Godot. its free and 

while it doesn't have the Graphical support Unity and Unreal have, it can do low poly pretty well. Any way I have Many Ideas for A Naruto(type) story and A in-depth understanding of How Chakra and Stamina should work in the Game universe and Why.


I think I could be useful in a Level design capacity, or as a Lore Writer. I have posted some of my work in Unity as screenshots in the appropriate thread on the Discord Server.

but here they are again, plus some other ideas I have bin working on.

Waterfall, river

Lava river.

Character Sheet

Chakra Control System

Chakra part 2 with Heal

Charka Part 3


I'm Located on the east cost of the US, so my time zone may differ form your.


I would love to talk to you about the direction your game is taking and if you think my ideas can be useful to the project.


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