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Known Bugs

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Before submitting a bug report, please check whether the bug has already been discovered and is on this list.

List of known bugs:

1. Character briefly appears before main menu is opened when a player enters the game.

2. Nvidia gpus may experience graphical issues with the shader.

3. Character names sometime will not appear on login, to fix press O.

4. Timestamps are currently local.

5. Sometimes players can move while being dead.

6. SpellSlots can glitch when adding new spells on top of old ones.

7. Kenjutsu Stance + RMB To exit combat will run draw/hide sword animation when using spells.

8. Certain characters don't work in chat.

9. Stat Panel doesn't load stats on reconnect.

10. Chat messages sometimes go a bit out of screen.

11. Using Melee Skill while in air sends the player into an infinite loop of falling animation.

12. Using Spells forces the unequip animation of weapon sometimes.

13. Earth Dome and Earth Wall colisions are not replicated(?).

14. Text above head can be seen from any distance.

15. Bug Report

16. Fix Ui Zorder.

17. Disable Vr plugin that forces game to launch steam vr if user has one.

18. Left mouse into Right click into Left Mouse while using sword combat stance bugs the player into animation infinitely.

19. Player is spawned in the level before choosing their character and being ported to the starting area.

20. Fix proper emote commands.

21. Sometimes the game freezes when starting up.

22. Substitution jutsu appears 2 times and also glitches on the first one.

23. Face customization UI sometimes go out of screen.

24. Guild and Party invites can't be accepted/denied.

25. Upgrading stats is buggy, need to press multiple times to upgrade it.

Bug Report 2

This list will be updated each time a new bug has been discovered and when a bug from the list is fixed.


  1. To be fixed
  2. Being worked on
  3. To be tested
  4. Fixed


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