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We are looking to expand our team with hardworking people who share our ideas and are willing to help Ninshu Online come to fruition!

Here are some of the positions we are currently looking to fill in:



To apply for this position you should have:

Previous experience with Unreal Engine 4

Knowledge of at least one programming language (preferably C++).

Previous experience with Databases is a plus!



To apply for this position you should have:

Previous experience with modeling programs. (Maya/Blender/3dsMax etc.)


Story Writer

The story is one of the most important features a game can have. We are looking to increase our story writing team and enhance the playing experience as much as possible!

Apply for this position if you consider yourself a good writer, have a broad imagination, and are open to critique. Stories are likely to get revised and changed many times before reaching their final form, you must be able to accept that. Good knowledge of English language is essential.


Community Manager

We are looking for people with good social skills, time on their hands and most importantly patience! Handling a community is not an easy job. 


RP Enforcer

We are looking for individuals with a strong background in RolePlay who enjoy designing fun for others.



If you aren't confident enough to apply or don't possess any of the skills above but still want to help out the community, this may be just for you! We are looking for people who are willing to learn the basics of modeling, animating and other things that could help us out. You would be given easy tasks essential for the project with the support of our team.


Additional Info

We do not pay our team with money. Every one of us is here because we love what we do. This does not mean that our team will be left empty handed, we will make sure that every member is rewarded with in game currency or other features for their hard work.

If you wish to apply, create a topic within this forum.

You can also contact us through discord.

Kind Regards,

Staff Team.

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