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Arcana Family

Arcana Family is a small group of people who share common goals and ideas. The unity is formed as each and every member trusts one another as they believe that if we stay united we're stronger. Sharing a purpose between us makes it possible for us to accomplish what we desire.

PapaAniki Hagane
Right hand


Short term
-Finding a group of people who will be loyal and will respect the others members of the family.
-Willing to leave old family or clan behind to join this family.
-Will try to change themselves to be positive.

Mid term
-Making themselves better in any way both helping or fighting skills.
-To share positive energy with people in the village.
-To have a few of there own shops in the village.
-To collect books about medicine and history.
-To have their business of export and import
-To start the mineing business of iron and steel.
-Finding unique scrolls.

Long term
-Having one or two family members in village council.
-To become strong so they can protect both village and family in time of needs.
-To have large knowledge in medicine, history and fighting.
-To have there own house estate just outside of the village.
-To have a big business company.

Advisor- The role of Advisor is to be at Papa side almost all the time and to help him with anything he is leading Support group. (1 spot)
Right hand- The role of Right hand in family is to do what Papa command, he is leading both Sword and Shield group. (1 spot)
Sword- The role of Sword members is to disable enemy's of the family. (2 spots)
Shield- The role of Shield members is to protect family from the enemy's if they attack them. (2 spots)
Support- The role of Support members are to take care of family mambers if they are sick or injured or maybe if they are dying to ease there pain. (2 spots)

[b]Activity Per Day:[/b]
[b]Fields of Interest:[/b]

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