Silver Goblet

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SFX: Cling. goblets clashed one into another, celebrating yet another triumph. 

As strident noises filled a certain room, musky scent of beverage struggled against the thick formed clouds of tobacco that rose up to the ceiling.


Goblets. Familiar to the rich. Pompous and elegant gives both a vibe of class and dignity. What is less known, is that the precious metal promotes better health cleansing the microbian activity.

A small group of infamous thiefs that gained reputation and attention with the acts they have done, as a declaration of war against the feudal lords from a large number of countries within the Shinobi Realm.

Their Crusade only began as its only the beginning of their story. Led by the unbent - Imajin Hajimoto, the Silver Goblets rise on the world stage.









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inb4 a bunch of punks living in the sewers that commit theft, i'd like that


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