Lost Ark is officially available to players in the Western world

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Once the guild is established and Lost Ark Gold you are able to manage it by clicking the links at the top the panel and choosing "Manage." There you can edit your guild's flag, modify the guild's name, change your guild's leader, modify join settings, and more.

The limit currently for members of guilds is 30. Guilds must meet goals and contribute to the guild in order to raise it up and increase the number of members the guild is able to have. The tab for Level Benefits will show players what the benefits are for each stage the guild reaches.

Lost Ark is officially available to players in the Western world, and with it being available for free this weekend, there are a plethora of character options for anyone to look at before jumping into the game.

With five classes this game doesn't come across best place to buy Lost Ark Gold as particularly complex on the surface. But each class is comprised of between two to four sub-classes called"Advanced Class. "Advanced Class."

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