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New World is the hottest PC game out there. You should know that.

If you're the casual game watcher then you've probably heard the name New World in the past week. After many delays, the long-awaited game was released on Wednesday. It is being developed by Amazon Games after the failure of the previous Amazon game Crucible, which became a high-risk version of the retail giant.

The success of a massively multiplayer online game cannot be measured for months or years after its release, but New Worlds is off to a good start. According to Steam data, New Worlds now has more concurrent players than any other game, as well as a larger Twitch audience. Over 700,000 people played New World on Wednesday, a peak few games on Steam have matched.

What is New World?
New Worlds is a fantasy MMO game developed by Amazon Games and available exclusively for the PC. It has all the features you'd expect from a big budget MMO in 2021 (and you know Amazon has a big budget): a sprawling world with a variety of environments, a range of modes including player- player-versus-player and player-versus-player environments (PvP and PvE in MMOs), and in-depth role-playing options.

As with all great online games, you must play the new world to really learn about its many elements. But here is a rough overview.

The new world is on Aeternum, a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. You play an explorer who actually wants to colonize the island, but discovers that Aeternum harbors a magical substance called Azoth. Not only does Azoth make the local flora and fauna hostile, it also brings to life the dead explorers who came to Aeternum before you. Basically, the island is trying to kill you. You will use the power of Azoth to fight back.

To begin with, you choose one of three factions: the Marauders, the Syndicate, and the Pact. Within each faction there are societies (in another game: guilds or clans) that you can join. Corporations can work together to take over settlements scattered across Aeternum, which can then be turned into player towns - which you then need to protect. There are also four computer-controlled factions: The Corrupted, The Lost, The Ancient, and The Angry Earth. The factions controlled by the player are often at war and you need to ally yourself with a faction and fight in these battles.

What about multiplayer?
Player-controlled factions are at the heart of New World multiplayer. New World offers four types of multiplayer: expedition, invasion, outpost raid, and war mode. Here is what they mean.

Expedition: This is the traditional MMO dungeon. You and four other players work together to solve puzzles and defeat the big bad guys.
War Mode: A 100 player PvP mode in which one faction competes against another. You will either attack another faction's fortress or defend your own.
Invasion: This is a new world PvE mode where you work with 49 other players (50 total) to defend your faction's stronghold against a wave of computerized enemies. You must survive 30 minutes to win.
Outpost Rush: This is where things get a little complicated. Outpost Rush is a PvPvE mode. It's a 20v20 battle in which you face off against another team to take and defend an outpost while battling computer-controlled opponents.
System requirements
System requirements for the New World.

Why does New Worlds mean so much to Amazon?
In 2014, Amazon Games announced that it would ditch the handheld games it had been working on (Airport Mania, To-Fu Fury) and jump into AAA game development, working with studios like Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Skrill-Enix would work together. To this end, three games have been announced for 2016: Breakaway, Crucible and New World.

Breakaway, a combination of the Rocket League and League of Legends aimed at the esports audience, was discontinued in 2018. Crucible, a team shooter roughly comparable to Overwatch, was heavily criticized when it was released last March; The response was so bad that Amazon shut down the Crucible servers after just seven months.

Yes, New World is important to Amazon Games because the studio needs a big hit right now. New World has already been postponed three times, initially to May 2020 and then to August 2021 - the last time by a month.

Now New World coins is available at https://www.ssegold.com/new-world-coins

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