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Found 1 result

  1. Well this idea in my head would work like this, reach max level > gear up > kill players from your own and other villages > build up notorious/infamous level > go full rogue [bad side] + pros of mercenaries/rogues + .Bounties for gold, Similarly to hitman .Increased reputation with higher rank clans such as Akatsuki [but i dont know if akatsuki will be allowed for normal players thats on you] .Special pve missions casue you are exiled from village .Can learn better set of skills [will impact the gameplay for end game casue this clan would be focused mostly around pvp] .Can get special gear trough achievements in pvp [kills,etc.] - cons of mercenaries/rogues - .Hostile to npc's in main citys [that would mean a special spawn] .Can be arrested [possible jail time] .Not everyone can join [cause of the abuse to low level players, probably gotta have some rp skills] .Mercenaries groups can attack each other for possible loot? there you go. When i finished this i saw that there would be a lot of programing problems with it, seems complicated a bit