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  1. A mix seems great. I would say that the system from the storm games is also good (combat based with auto-targeting) but that cant exactly be used for a large game where you may be forced to fight multiple people at once.
  2. Should players be given a random trait once they create their character?: No, I don't think so. I get that randomizing things helps with diversity and realism, but at the end we have to remember that this is a video game. Players should be given the freedom to chose these things, because in the end, the entire reason we are playing the game is because we want to escape reality, not feel more of it. Also, if all paths and talents are balanced, I can assure you there will be a natural diversity of paths as every player has different tastes/preferences regarding their playstyle. As for the +/- 5 in 3 different fields, I would be fine if the players themselves were to choose what fields that got stats added or subtracted, but it's unnecessary to randomize it. Again, players like to choose these things. That's why I think we should just go the normal route and make every player start out with all stats at 0. Just my two cents.