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  1. ginga eiyuu densetsu one of the best of it's kind JoJo series.... I don't need an explanation for this
  2. Welcome to the team, we'll talk more on discord.
  3. welcome to the team.
  4. Welcome.
  5. Welcome to the team.
  6. I'm all in for the random traits, we can make it an applicable thingy so it wont bother the ones who want to create a character from scratch.
  7. welcome to the forums Aniki.
  8. inb4 a bunch of punks living in the sewers that commit theft, i'd like that
  9. how's life mister Mayor?

  10. Hi

    Welcome to the party Adam.
  11. Go and watch jojo, you'll have a good time.
  12. Hey there, welcome to our forums.
  13. 91 days onihei another 2 masterpieces
  14. hello
  15. was pretty hilarious for it's genre.
  16. Messi > everyone else fuck you hashi for editing my comment