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    Hey , My name is Mayank .I'm 17 year old , I am good for nothing atm but I wish to learn and help out with development of this game . I do know basics of c++ and some basics of database management but I guess they are not enough..and I also tried learning ue4 too but wasn't able to get it right .so I would like to apply for intern. I have played rp game like for last one year (Jo 2 most of time), You can contact me at discord "#ysuke6545" or just ysuke
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    That will be nice but to prevent people from just spamming character there should be system that prevents you make new character for like 7 days or sometime so that they just start with whatever they gets and yeah some people will get some good stuff at start but eventually they will be equal to others as other will catch up to them cos of bad stuff they gets ! It just needed to be balanced so that no one gets more then others and it should be decided by system which chakra nature you gets at start and how many you gets