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  1. Aniki

    Welcome we are happy to have you.
  2. Aniki

    Hi all my name is Aleksandar i'm from Serbia i'm 24years old. I did play a lot of RP games but the most of my time i did play on JO both 1 and 2. I wish to learn a lot, all if i can and to help any way i can to this project i only ask of you to have a little more patience with me cuz of me real life things going on that mean if you accept me. If you anything want to know more about me you can ask me here or on discord - The Aniki One Thank you for your time. Aniki
  3. Aniki

    Hello welcome to the club
  4. Aniki

    Once the game be release and once i run a little around the map i will post it dont worry about that
  5. Aniki

    Tnx but i need to change dunno whats the limit of guild members allowed so once they tell me i will make the changes but thats it and it's from anime "Arcana Famiglia"
  6. Aniki

    Arcana Family Arcana Family is a small group of people who share common goals and ideas. The unity is formed as each and every member trusts one another as they believe that if we stay united we're stronger. Sharing a purpose between us makes it possible for us to accomplish what we desire. Members Papa - Aniki Hagane Advisor - Right hand - Sword - Shield - Support - Goals Short term -Finding a group of people who will be loyal and will respect the others members of the family. -Willing to leave old family or clan behind to join this family. -Will try to change t
  7. Aniki

    Hello it's Aniki bro from the hood or moon or Serbia a slav brother to all i hope we will all drink some rakija in the game once this guys relaese it....