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  3. Marius

    Full Name: Majin Y. Kuramoto Titles, Nicknames, Priviledges: None Status: Wanderer Gender: Male Height: 1,71 Centimeters Weight: 62 Kgs Age: 25 springs and 6 months Special facial and body traits: Green eyes; Smooth skin, no visible scars. Current Location: Hiking the dunes of Land of Wind.
  4. Marius

    The nature was changing, from deep grass and large trees making way for crystal clear rivers to pass by, mountains full of deers and bears he managed to land himself into the desert. This moment was a crossroads in his life, for a moment he wanted to turn back as this was not for him. ' the desert ? ' he thought ' is there anyone living there anyway?' Pondering upon a decision, the now adult Majin ventured inside without knowing what waited for him inside this dangerous, vast and unknown realm. He knew very little and that sparked a curiosity in his soul, maybe the time for solo tra
  5. Marius

    Countries he passed by were ravaged by a total war. The world they lived in was changing and the shinobi were at the top of it. Majin was tired and sad seeing all this destruction, yet nothing seemed to work in order to stop this war for supremacy of the clans. Pitoresque sights, mountains and castles; rivers and plains; all were burnt down or had a strench of blood that would never fade. Thousands of dead, broken swords and broken dreams lied ahead, and not only in a place, the world was full of it. He started collecting breastplates and swords of the fallen, he had to make a living
  6. Marius

    Sword training was always an important part of his life, made him feeling in comfort and cleansed all the bad thoughts. Nothing felt the same when he practiced- with every swing and every drop of sweat he became a better man, a resolve was guiding his to the right path. Sword was his angel while the wagon was his demon, one couldn't exist without another and Majin understood that. What he had yet to understand was how to be impartial and act without being driven by emotions. Careless and sloppy actions could end up to the exposure of his identity. What he did not know, however was th
  7. Marius

    Days were passing by and Majin never left the Inn. It was several months now, food wasn't that great nor the house, but one thing he cared about- one inn in the middle of nowhere, a perfect opportunity to scam people. Majin still had a fight to carry instrically, his demons wouldn't let him go but he had better things than to dwell in the past. Scamming opportunities came one of another, some were lucky being sparred while some were brutally scammed by the young prodigy- the battle inside him was still going, he realised that staying here at this Inn isn't what he should be doing.
  8. Marius

    The journey to the nearbiest settlement took him only couple of hours. On his way there he found a rather interesting rock, which resembled like a face if looked from a certain angle. Inside the village he parked his wagon infront of a restaurant and began to inspect the rock in awe. Standing there half an hour, two halves, one hour.. two hours, had the nearby villagers gather around and see the mystery man and the object that he kept so dear. Trickery was his main attribute, as he began to put his act in works. ' This stone.. it can't be.' and he stopped from talking several second
  9. Marius

    Days after managing to escape, Majin grew up to be famished and parched not being used to having close to no food and drinking water from the rivers. Independent skills were imbued within him, however he never had the need to make use of them, until now. Majin took the side alleys, dark corners filled with perilous paths. Weird creaking sounds, the sounds of echoeing footsteps and the tree branches crushing beneath his feet were more than enough to scare a man who barely ever had contact with this kind of shady routes or anything shady in general. Somewhere in the thick woods, a merc
  10. Marius

    Months have passed since Majin's emprisonment, the things felt like standing still without a future ahead as the young heir began to feel a mixture of negative feelings for the first time ever. Was close to sunset when Majin spotted an opportunity of fleeing the house that he spent over 23 years in. His father was away with business and the only ones guarding him were some guards that also had the job guarding the residence. He rushed the hallways and pushed all the workers aside, in the garden there was a pond and beyond that a large blunt wall without much climbing potential. Maji
  11. Marius

    Yelloo. Welcome to our community. The game is under development and everything looks very promising so far. Patience will be rewarded. Enjoy your stay.
  12. Marius

    Majin is the sole son of a wealthy businessman specialised in trades and deeply connected with the black markets prostitution, gambling and human trade. Since a very young age Majin has picked up a gambling and drinking habit, wasting his nights in shady areas, followed by his bodyguards without exception. Growing in a wealthy environment, he received the best of best proffessors that taught him over the years History, Geography, Caligraphy, Philosophy and many others. However he didn't only learn inside, he was taught practical skills such as survival, communication skills and elite sw
  13. Marius

    I support Belgium this time. However I do believe that the principal contenders are summed in Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina