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    Welcome back! We had an issue with our host some time ago, so we had to revert back the forums to a previous backup. Sadly, we lost some topics, but you are free to make them again!
  3. This is a summed up version of our survey results, highlighting the things we need to improve on the most. - Customization - Feedback was pretty positive, meaning that we will be directing our attention away from customization and to other more urgent systems. This doesn't mean that we will be ignoring customization altogether, we will be slowly adding more options for unique styles. - Combat - The general impression is that it's hard for practical application because of how easy it is to evade attacks. To improve on this, we will be looking to change the mo
  4. Wizz

    Before submitting a bug report, please check whether the bug has already been discovered and is on this list. List of known bugs: 1. Character briefly appears before main menu is opened when a player enters the game. 2. Nvidia gpus may experience graphical issues with the shader. 3. Character names sometime will not appear on login, to fix press O. 4. Timestamps are currently local. 5. Sometimes players can move while being dead. 6. SpellSlots can glitch when adding new spells on top of old ones. 7. Kenjutsu Stance + RMB To exit combat will run draw/hide
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    Ninshū Online Community Rules The Following list of rules and punishments apply to all aspects of our Community. Community Management Team has all rights to change and update this list at any moment. All members of the community must respect these rules at any time, violation of a rule results in punishment according to the penalty list written below. Note: If you see anyone breaking the rules feel free to report to any online Community Manager/Administrator. Language All forum members are expected to use and understand English. Use of other languages is not advised. Breaking this
  6. We are trying to give our players the best possible experience, but in order to accomplish that we need your help, we need feedback. So please, if you notice any kind of bugs, report them here using the following template: Start a new topic called: "Bug Report" - Template Character Name: Explain the bug: Date: Evidence (photo/video): Kind Regards, Staff Team.
  7. This is a list of upcoming features in development for our Alpha 1 phase of release. As of right now, they are in no particular order. The list will be updated every time we complete one of these goals. Character: Reputation and Notoriety Trade Customizer and Creator - 70/100% Village Ranks Female character - 40/100% Combat: Buffs and Debuffs CCs (Stuns, slows) More jutsus for every path Entity: Factions - 30/100% Organizations (System) - 30/100% Clans (System) - 30/100% Interiors for factions,
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    Hit me up on discord and we'll figure out what works for you.
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    First of all, the topic was moved to Suggestions forum which i believe is the nature of this topic. While some of the suggestions you've stated are interesting, most of them are not going to be included in the game. Keep in mind that this is not because the suggestions are bad per se, but because we already have different systems in mind that we think are more suitable. That being said, we are working on the official guidelines for all of the features of the game and will release them once we enter the alpha testing phase so stay tuned!
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    Serbia wins sorry
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    Welcome to the team. We'll see what work we can find for you. Check discord for more info.
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    Accepted! Check discord for more info. Glad to have you with us.
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    That's what bloodlines are for. However here we are discussing random traits such as stats which serve as a way to improve your skills, among other things. Also it's not a copyright issue, as this is a fan made game, not a commercial product.
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    The problem with this is that you would need two hands on the keyboard at all times, assuming that you 100% won't be casting them on wasd.
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    What kind of combat system would you like to see in game? There is the old school WoW-like system where a target is required and once a spell is activated, it travels towards the target no matter what. There is also the modern style of combat where most of the spells are aoe, or directional. When talking about the modern one, we have to look at these facts: Pros: Allows for a more dynamic combat, especially in pvp. It's more skill based compared to the old one. Cons: Lag. Since the targets aren't pre-determined, there will be times when people get out of range or accidentally ge
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    Yes, you can learn skills based on the chakra nature you get. For instance you can only learn fire ball if you have fire nature. No, the healing class doesn't have anything to do with water nature path, nor does your nature path decide your dps. No, you are not limited to one. The 2nd one isn't a primary one as anyone is able to learn a secondary chakra nature, hence they wouldn't be randomly chosen. A 7 day jail is a stretch, it's something that we are trying to avoid. The stat + and - would be balanced. Picture it like this, some characters would be bette
  19. Wizz

    Should players be given a random trait once they create their character? For example, once you create your character you are granted a primary chakra nature. This is something that we have discussed among ourselves and have different opinions on the matter, hence why we are asking the community. Pros: This will add a touch of reality because neither in the real world do you choose how you start out or the talents you are born with. It also means that characters will be diverse as we don't want all players to pursue same paths. Cons: At the end of the day, if players want to get
  20. Wizz

    In this section we will be hosting public discussions about the systems and features we plan to incorporate into the project. This serves as a way for all players to voice their opinion on the things presented. - Rules 1. Only the developers are allowed to host the discussions. If you have separate ideas of your own that you would like to present, head over to this section. 2. It is very important to stay on-topic! Do not discuss about things other than the main topic or else we will be forced to remove your comments. 3. Do not be toxic! Be respectful towards others. This i
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    From now on, all players will be able to post their own clan ideas here. This means that alongside well known clans from the show, we will be taking a look at some custom ideas to create diversity and enhance the overall gameplay experience. Best of luck! Staff
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    Hello and welcome. We appreciate any help we can get
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    Hello Sev, welcome
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