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    The game client tries to launch SteamVR on boot-up, snmop explained it might be a plugin that needs to be disabled. Your chakrapool is 500 by default but drops to 109 the first time u add 1 level to it in the stat panel. ESC Menu/Jutsu menu doesn't work if Stat panel is open.
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    Didn't kno i had to record evidence, but i gathered rather many bugs i'm just gunna dump them here. Character Name: you wtf Explain the bug: Taijutsu: Jump+Ability = Float mouse1 to cancel - If cancel with rightclick, ability dont work until left click is used. Left click will use unused ability. W+Jump+Punch in air = Lock movement Fire ring + Taijutsu spam = double taijutsu no cooldown Kenjutsu: Jump + Left click + Right click = Casual Ken Jump + Left click + Right click + Z = Taiken Jump+sheathe = swapped combat Stance 3 + Right click +