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  1. Yea i fully understand what are you saying and i knew that some of my ideas could possibly run the gameplay and im aware of it, anyways i hope you got something out of this idea and yea i will stay here for updates! Thanks again ^^
  2. i forgot some details to this: -Once max level is reached you can chose to stay with village or to go mercenary/rogue and the reputation with village will go for example from 30.000 to -30.000 and the reputation with mercenaries/rogues clan will go from 0 to 1500 , you will still have to build it up for full experience of the clan. This clan would essentially be a [third/fourth/fifth] faction and it would be enemies to everyone. -The "set of skills" that i mention would be stealth skills that last longer/or transformation jutsu that could copy npc [model] from specific village so player would be able to go trough village and analyze his targets position,movement,gear,level,etc; and when we are talking about combat skill i dont want to unbalance the gameplay with my opinion but it would look like this: (numbers in [] are representing each side) [1] [example] [2] >players that stayed with village< >players that exiled from village< [spell upgrades] [spell upgrades] fireball > fireball barrage > fireball rain > holy fireball rain fireball > fireball barrage > fireball rain > shadow fireball rain + pros: strong against mercenaries/rogue armour + pros: strong against jonnin armour + pros: medium damage to pve/environment - cons: low damage to pve/environment - cons: medium fire rate/cooldown + pros: high fire rate [low cooldown] but both sides will have specific skill set so it would counter each other so one side dont get overpowered over the second one: [example of comobs] holy fireball rain[1] + earth grip + silence[1] silence break[2] + shadow step[2] + trap/slow + shadow fireball rain[2] dash away[1] + shuriken trow[1](bleed effect =2.5-3.5s 400-1600dmg each sec) fire breath + earth shield + shadow step[2] + kunai stab[2] (stun =2.5-3.5s) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the balance from both sides, [good side] towards new players in mercenaries/rogues [bad side] towards new players in jonins the newcomers still have their basic high level gear from leveling the newcomers still have their basic high level gear from leveling so they dont have neither (holy/shadow) weakness so they dont have neither (holy/shadow) weakness ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in conclusion they will have time to react and they wont get one shoted instantly, but if they run up to really infamous player in mercenaries for example they will get destroyed cause the work someone put in their infamous level and grind must pay off so still there will be 1 shots comparing high>low. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***The purpose of mercenaries/rogues clan would be influence in village wars, the lower ranks would be in first rows on battle field and the bigger ranks would*** plan all the attacks and how to cause the war at the first place. Job of this clan would be to sabotage players in other factions (their mission) becasue it would impact village economy, and the members wont be able to progress so the jonins will step in to help the newcomers in attempt to stop this clan. For example with wars, it would happen to everyone and people would be in danger, but considering not everyone can join this clan, they will have help from beasts and a lot of high tier npcs in those fights, this would be special events, but they would also be common and it would depend from the influence of the each side(if jonins keep stoping this clan that could take a while to actually start a war, and if the clan is persistent in this job it would happen faster, the estimated time for this war would be for example every 2-3 weeks so each village to prepare for this attack cause it wont be easy, and the goal of this clan is to defeat at least one village so they can unlock new skills/get gold/rare drops(random for each person that was involved in this war not INSANELY LEGENDARY items , it would be rare/epic in best case)/siege scrolls (that would only the highest infamy level player in that clan get, it would be ether really cosmetic for sword,body,mask,etc. or it would be some kind of companion/ mount, that would be on you to chose) and after each war the infamy level resets so everyone have chance to get it, and that way grind wont die and it would mean something.
  3. Well this idea in my head would work like this, reach max level > gear up > kill players from your own and other villages > build up notorious/infamous level > go full rogue [bad side] + pros of mercenaries/rogues + .Bounties for gold, Similarly to hitman .Increased reputation with higher rank clans such as Akatsuki [but i dont know if akatsuki will be allowed for normal players thats on you] .Special pve missions casue you are exiled from village .Can learn better set of skills [will impact the gameplay for end game casue this clan would be focused mostly around pvp] .Can get special gear trough achievements in pvp [kills,etc.] - cons of mercenaries/rogues - .Hostile to npc's in main citys [that would mean a special spawn] .Can be arrested [possible jail time] .Not everyone can join [cause of the abuse to low level players, probably gotta have some rp skills] .Mercenaries groups can attack each other for possible loot? there you go. When i finished this i saw that there would be a lot of programing problems with it, seems complicated a bit