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  5. Welcome back! We had an issue with our host some time ago, so we had to revert back the forums to a previous backup. Sadly, we lost some topics, but you are free to make them again!
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  7. Hello everyone, (don't know whats happen all topics are deleted so i need to do it again i guess) im Nasaku 27 yo gamer (yes im so old for games lol ) i love so much Naruto universe, i played some other mmo of it 2D & 3D i like rpgs hope meet you all soon IG, share love not war <3 best regards
  8. nice work everyone, and np happy to help much love for your efforts this is a great job thank you
  9. This is a summed up version of our survey results, highlighting the things we need to improve on the most. - Customization - Feedback was pretty positive, meaning that we will be directing our attention away from customization and to other more urgent systems. This doesn't mean that we will be ignoring customization altogether, we will be slowly adding more options for unique styles. - Combat - The general impression is that it's hard for practical application because of how easy it is to evade attacks. To improve on this, we will be looking to change the movement speed values while also exploring other solutions like lock-on targeting and homing projectiles. Another thing made clear to us was that the controls were somewhat confusing and impractical. With improvements, we also plan to make a tutorial-type introduction to the combat mechanics with visual indications. In the near future, we will be working on implementing key-bindings to make this process more customizable. Ninjutsu was by far the most well received part of combat, while Taijutsu was the least well received. We will be working on allowing more freedom of movement while cutting down on animation-lock times. We are also exploring the idea of animation canceling, but more on that in the future. There isn't much to talk about stats. We can't precisely balance things before we reach character progression phases, in which we can properly evaluate time and effort spent in relation to power gain from each stat point. Expect us to always fine-tune this system in Alpha 1. Animations and Visuals were well received, so not much will change in the way we work in this department. We have a lot more spells incoming, so stay tuned for that. - User Interface - This was by far our least popular feature, and rightfully so. We ask you to understand that we have no UI/UX designer on our team so we might not be able to compete with AAA-level games in this particular field. Even so, we will be trying out new looks and ideas, so expect this to improve with time. - Graphics - Graphics feedback was pretty positive, but with that said we still aim to improve, especially in the settings department. We will be working on resolution and graphics quality settings in the near future. - Lag and FPS- We are aware of the lag spikes and fps issues, this is something that we will be spending a lot of time working on. We have had some hosting issues, but we expect to resolve that in the near future. As for the fps drops, we will go through all of our systems and try to optimize them as much as possible. As stated above, we will also work on graphics settings to allow players with more decent setups to play with no issues. - Consensus - The majority of you wanted us to focus most of our attention to combat, with optimization and UI in the second and third place. We hear you, so we will be spending a lot of time on these features. - Final Notes- Overall, we are happy with how the first testing phase went. We got a lot of constructive feedback from you, and we also found a ton of bugs which we have to fix. Again, we want to thank everyone who took their time to participate in the testing phase, as well as the survey. We plan on making these after every patch, so we will be counting on your support again in the future! Kind Regards, Staff Team
  10. The game client tries to launch SteamVR on boot-up, snmop explained it might be a plugin that needs to be disabled. Your chakrapool is 500 by default but drops to 109 the first time u add 1 level to it in the stat panel. ESC Menu/Jutsu menu doesn't work if Stat panel is open.
  11. Didn't kno i had to record evidence, but i gathered rather many bugs i'm just gunna dump them here. Character Name: you wtf Explain the bug: Taijutsu: Jump+Ability = Float mouse1 to cancel - If cancel with rightclick, ability dont work until left click is used. Left click will use unused ability. W+Jump+Punch in air = Lock movement Fire ring + Taijutsu spam = double taijutsu no cooldown Kenjutsu: Jump + Left click + Right click = Casual Ken Jump + Left click + Right click + Z = Taiken Jump+sheathe = swapped combat Stance 3 + Right click + Left click = frozen stance Non combat + Jutsu + Right click + Left click = Client side no sword kenjutsu stance Casting element jutsu out of combat in kenjutsu form causes sheathe animation Either: Use ability from tai or ken, seathe weapon = locked combat, no animation on jump and jutsu locked. Nintai earth, wind, fire fps dropping Date: 4th of November Evidence (photo/video): no
  12. Character Name: Takuya Iemitsu Explain the bug: Using /unlock causes player to repeat last said thing in chat Date: 4th of November 2019 Evidence (photo/video): See Attachment Ninshu_Online_Bug_Report_Unlock.mp4
  13. Before submitting a bug report, please check whether the bug has already been discovered and is on this list. List of known bugs: 1. Character briefly appears before main menu is opened when a player enters the game. 2. Nvidia gpus may experience graphical issues with the shader. 3. Character names sometime will not appear on login, to fix press O. 4. Timestamps are currently local. 5. Sometimes players can move while being dead. 6. SpellSlots can glitch when adding new spells on top of old ones. 7. Kenjutsu Stance + RMB To exit combat will run draw/hide sword animation when using spells. 8. Certain characters don't work in chat. 9. Stat Panel doesn't load stats on reconnect. 10. Chat messages sometimes go a bit out of screen. 11. Using Melee Skill while in air sends the player into an infinite loop of falling animation. 12. Using Spells forces the unequip animation of weapon sometimes. 13. Earth Dome and Earth Wall colisions are not replicated(?). 14. Text above head can be seen from any distance. 15. Bug Report 16. Fix Ui Zorder. 17. Disable Vr plugin that forces game to launch steam vr if user has one. 18. Left mouse into Right click into Left Mouse while using sword combat stance bugs the player into animation infinitely. 19. Player is spawned in the level before choosing their character and being ported to the starting area. 20. Fix proper emote commands. 21. Sometimes the game freezes when starting up. 22. Substitution jutsu appears 2 times and also glitches on the first one. 23. Face customization UI sometimes go out of screen. 24. Guild and Party invites can't be accepted/denied. 25. Upgrading stats is buggy, need to press multiple times to upgrade it. 26. Bug Report 2 This list will be updated each time a new bug has been discovered and when a bug from the list is fixed. Legend: To be fixed Being worked on To be tested Fixed
  14. Ninshū Online Community Rules The Following list of rules and punishments apply to all aspects of our Community. Community Management Team has all rights to change and update this list at any moment. All members of the community must respect these rules at any time, violation of a rule results in punishment according to the penalty list written below. Note: If you see anyone breaking the rules feel free to report to any online Community Manager/Administrator. Language All forum members are expected to use and understand English. Use of other languages is not advised. Breaking this rule will result in a warning. Respectful Behavior All members of the community must respect each other and behave appropriately. We will not tolerate any kind of racist, religious, sexual or any other kind of disrespect. Advertisement Any type of advertising is forbidden on our community. If you want to advertise something contact the Owners. Spamming Post only relevant things, and stay true to the main post as much as possible. Off-topic is not punishable, but it can be deleted. Excessive spamming will, however, be punished. Multiple Accounts Making multiple accounts is forbidden. If you want your name changed you can ask Community Manager to change it. If you're already banned on one account making another one will result in an IP ban. Trolling Any kind of trolling or making jokes at an inappropriate time or place will be punished. Signature Any kind of inappropriate Signature will be deleted. Links Any kind of inappropriate links (virus,malware,pornographic content,religious or racist content, etc.) will be punished. Kind Regards, Ninshū Online Staff Team.
  15. We are trying to give our players the best possible experience, but in order to accomplish that we need your help, we need feedback. So please, if you notice any kind of bugs, report them here using the following template: Start a new topic called: "Bug Report" - Template Character Name: Explain the bug: Date: Evidence (photo/video): Kind Regards, Staff Team.
  16. This is a list of upcoming features in development for our Alpha 1 phase of release. As of right now, they are in no particular order. The list will be updated every time we complete one of these goals. Character: Reputation and Notoriety Trade Customizer and Creator - 70/100% Village Ranks Female character - 40/100% Combat: Buffs and Debuffs CCs (Stuns, slows) More jutsus for every path Entity: Factions - 30/100% Organizations (System) - 30/100% Clans (System) - 30/100% Interiors for factions, kage building, office etc. Items: Dyes Functional items - 90/100% (Equipment, Consumables etc.) NPC: Affinity System - 20/100% (Includes dialogue options, reputation etc.) Loot System Death, Respawn, Location System Quests: Several Daily and One-Time quests Quest Rewards PvP: Arena, FFA, Battlegrounds and other gamemodes PvE: Several Zones One Dungeon One Boss Timed Events Paths: Base paths - 30/100% Several Specializations RP: Lore and current story - 60/100% Preparation and Chuunin Exams UI: Customizable UI - 30/100% All existing UI graphical rework/improvements General: Chuunin Exam Map Chakra Jump Rework For clarification, the features we have yet to work on are painted in red. The ones that are currently in development are in orange, and the ones that are near completion or completed are painted in green. Kind Regards, Staff Team
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  18. Full Name: Majin Y. Kuramoto Titles, Nicknames, Priviledges: None Status: Wanderer Gender: Male Height: 1,71 Centimeters Weight: 62 Kgs Age: 25 springs and 6 months Special facial and body traits: Green eyes; Smooth skin, no visible scars. Current Location: Hiking the dunes of Land of Wind.
  19. The nature was changing, from deep grass and large trees making way for crystal clear rivers to pass by, mountains full of deers and bears he managed to land himself into the desert. This moment was a crossroads in his life, for a moment he wanted to turn back as this was not for him. ' the desert ? ' he thought ' is there anyone living there anyway?' Pondering upon a decision, the now adult Majin ventured inside without knowing what waited for him inside this dangerous, vast and unknown realm. He knew very little and that sparked a curiosity in his soul, maybe the time for solo travels were long past gone? He felt. This should be interesting, as his sight was fading in the distance.. by the sand that started to blow back and fourth announcing thus a desert storm.
  20. Countries he passed by were ravaged by a total war. The world they lived in was changing and the shinobi were at the top of it. Majin was tired and sad seeing all this destruction, yet nothing seemed to work in order to stop this war for supremacy of the clans. Pitoresque sights, mountains and castles; rivers and plains; all were burnt down or had a strench of blood that would never fade. Thousands of dead, broken swords and broken dreams lied ahead, and not only in a place, the world was full of it. He started collecting breastplates and swords of the fallen, he had to make a living. It wasn't graverobbing but not the worlds most honest job. For the moment it was worth for a satisfying living. Far away from home, he met people of different kinds and religions, took along the shady paths to hidden villages and learned about history and culture. Due to his sharp nature he was offered to practice the teachings of ninjutsu as he had potential. Two years time passed since he fled home; Majin grew up to be a self relient man and that was seen through his day by day actions.
  21. Sword training was always an important part of his life, made him feeling in comfort and cleansed all the bad thoughts. Nothing felt the same when he practiced- with every swing and every drop of sweat he became a better man, a resolve was guiding his to the right path. Sword was his angel while the wagon was his demon, one couldn't exist without another and Majin understood that. What he had yet to understand was how to be impartial and act without being driven by emotions. Careless and sloppy actions could end up to the exposure of his identity. What he did not know, however was the number of armed forces sent to retrieve him. He had a hunch- thus being extra cautious even at the Inn.
  22. Days were passing by and Majin never left the Inn. It was several months now, food wasn't that great nor the house, but one thing he cared about- one inn in the middle of nowhere, a perfect opportunity to scam people. Majin still had a fight to carry instrically, his demons wouldn't let him go but he had better things than to dwell in the past. Scamming opportunities came one of another, some were lucky being sparred while some were brutally scammed by the young prodigy- the battle inside him was still going, he realised that staying here at this Inn isn't what he should be doing. Days later- Majin bid farewell to the Inn personell and the place itself and never returned.
  23. The journey to the nearbiest settlement took him only couple of hours. On his way there he found a rather interesting rock, which resembled like a face if looked from a certain angle. Inside the village he parked his wagon infront of a restaurant and began to inspect the rock in awe. Standing there half an hour, two halves, one hour.. two hours, had the nearby villagers gather around and see the mystery man and the object that he kept so dear. Trickery was his main attribute, as he began to put his act in works. ' This stone.. it can't be.' and he stopped from talking several seconds until someone asked ' Can't be what? ' the answer the waited came and he grinned inside his soul but shouted with a faked frustration ' This is the soul of a warrior, trapped inside this stone by a demon. It's a good fortune, posses magical powers. No wonder today I sold everything in my cart. ' the crowd began to expand, it was true, the wagon was empty. ' So what are you going to do now? You should grab us some drinks for having such a great find in your possession ' someone shouted from the crowd however keeping his presence hidden. ' I honestly think this is too much for a mere merchant as me, was thinking of finding this magical object an owner and continue my journey ahead. ' phrase which inquired many people's attention and made some gulp, fearing to ask about the price. ' ' Few gold coins should be more than enough ' he replied like he was all alone. and that turned everything into a hysteria, since the price was more than affordable despite paying that much for a mere rock. With few gold coins one could lounge and sit back at an inn and eat to his heart content for few months. No one dared to say a thing, until a fat man full of jewelry and accompanied by some rahitic bodyguards made a road, splitting the crowd into two sides ' I'll buy it. 3 gold coins. ' He was burning inside, what a day that turned out to be. '3 gold coins is a little to cheap, add something more to it.' hissed Majin. The fat man gently played with his moustache ' Fine, I'll give you this ring too. ' as he took out a ring from his fingers extending it forward, it was genuine. the man thought he was doing the deal of his life, as he was trembling a bit due to his nervous nature, uncommon for a merchant. The exchange was mad and our hero didn't spend one more minute inside the village. He hoped he had no pursuers as he had a load of money with him. Nothing happened to him that day, looks like the magic stone still had effect on him. On the road as night was closing in- he luckily found an inn. - Food wasn't that great, but on an empty stomach everything was a feast. That day Majin learned to be frugal and learned he can make money scamming people with his inborn abilities, but that wasn't him. He felt like the fatso needed it and that's why he did it. The cold night came and Majin camped at the Inn. In his room there was a hole in the ceiling where he was able to see the stars and a pigeon nest. His eyes were restless- he couldn't fall asleep.
  24. Days after managing to escape, Majin grew up to be famished and parched not being used to having close to no food and drinking water from the rivers. Independent skills were imbued within him, however he never had the need to make use of them, until now. Majin took the side alleys, dark corners filled with perilous paths. Weird creaking sounds, the sounds of echoeing footsteps and the tree branches crushing beneath his feet were more than enough to scare a man who barely ever had contact with this kind of shady routes or anything shady in general. Somewhere in the thick woods, a merchants wagon stood forsaken emptied by goods. No one was around. Not a living soul. The man approached and slowly inspected the wagon, looked like it was in perfect condition. He found a large fabric which he used to make something similar to a cape. Being too large he cut a part of it and made himself a hood, similar to a turban in order to hide his face and preserve his identity hidden. Without allies or real friends he kept the road straight, now carrying a wagon as a pretext of posing a different identity. Looks he didn't make it too far from the roots, as the germ of being a business man flowed through his veins.
  25. Months have passed since Majin's emprisonment, the things felt like standing still without a future ahead as the young heir began to feel a mixture of negative feelings for the first time ever. Was close to sunset when Majin spotted an opportunity of fleeing the house that he spent over 23 years in. His father was away with business and the only ones guarding him were some guards that also had the job guarding the residence. He rushed the hallways and pushed all the workers aside, in the garden there was a pond and beyond that a large blunt wall without much climbing potential. Majin knew everything he had to do, he went upside as the house had multiple levels having in mind to perform a very dangerous stunt that could lead him to multiple bone fractures if failed. Up there sat a guard, like a quirk of fate feeling like waiting for him. Majin grabbed quickly a sword that was probably forgotten by someone thus starting a fight from equal footing. The guard alerted by the presence of the young man quickly let out a shout of disperation. The two swordsmen rushed into eachother as their swords clashed letting out a powerful metal clinging. Majin was overpowering the guard and was able to land a fatal wound- instead he knocked the man unconscious and continued his way, now being under pressure due to the guard being able to alert the whole mansion. As a flash he jumped managing to get a good grip of a tree that was close to both the house and walls- and similar to how a real ninja would do he jumped over the wall and got lost into the surroundings. Nothing was heard about Majin since, back then the current very small nation of lightning country lost one of its black market princes.
  26. Welcome to the team.
  27. Hello, my name is Alexander (I'm from Russia so I use a translator) I'm 19 years old, I really want to see the MMO game on naruto.I have a lot of free time that I can spend helping to work with 3D models, I use Blender for about 4 years (of course not professional, but for this level of skills will be enough). Contact me: SanyaSenju#8897 (joined the discord channel)
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