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  3. Wizz

  4. Naruto

    Nah, but for real though, I am new here, heard this project from a friend and have been background watching it for about a year. Hope this project comes to fruition since many do not though this has shown some promise. Hope to get to know you all!
  5. snmop

    Welcome to the team, we'll talk more on discord.
  6. Quinaz

    Hi, just came across this project, this idea was in my mind for years, I followed a couple different naruto projects but unfortunately none was able to be consistent in its development, recently last year I've tried to do things on my own in Unity, having negative skill in modelling I kind of lost motivation (especially riggining and blendshapes), I'll link what I've done overall but the major thing is that I rather compromise my view on the game and work with someone to make this dream of mine to be possible. I would like to app
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