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  17. Welcome to the team, we'll talk more on discord.
  18. Hi, just came across this project, this idea was in my mind for years, I followed a couple different naruto projects but unfortunately none was able to be consistent in its development, recently last year I've tried to do things on my own in Unity, having negative skill in modelling I kind of lost motivation (especially riggining and blendshapes), I'll link what I've done overall but the major thing is that I rather compromise my view on the game and work with someone to make this dream of mine to be possible. I would like to apply for developer, I used intern in the title because I never attempted anything serious on unreal engine. My favorite language is C, never used but I wanted to get into C++ for competitive programming and unreal Also I just got covid so I have extra time I guess (Quinaz#7050 in discord)
  19. welcome to the team.
  20. However depending on the taijutsu stance this could effect the distance of your targeting area- some stances could increase movement speed and therefor increased the target area.
  21. The type of battle system should be Jutsu specific. After all Jutsu means technique. And ninjitsu techniques should feel different from taijutsu techniques. To that end I suggest a Targeting area that’s size is based on your movement speed Stat. by entering a taijutsu Stance- you can auto target and tab through multiple targets using the left and right mouse buttons and directional buttons. Simpler to a tekken command. then for ninjutsu a alpha numerical code that represents hand signs can execute learned ninjitsu and Genjutsu. This is makes for a good balance because you have to commit to one attack style or the other. Ninjitsu can be fired off dynamically using the soft target system of your targeting area, or from outside it. While taijutsu and Kenjutsu must enter specific stances and hard lock on a target.
  22. The only thing that should be Random regardless of storyline is KKG. in my opinion KKG should be extended in a sense to Everyone for balance reasons. to do this there should be 2 types physical KKG which increases 3 stat Caps including Stamina and 2 random others. and chakra nature KGG- with increased cap to Intelligence/Focus- with 2 additional skills: ambidextrous Double Nature
  23. So I have 2 things to discuss on this point. 1) Randomizing the stats is only needed if you start as a child born in a selected Village. Basically for story reasons. If you start as an adult then it makes sense to fill in your backstory with skills and stats you have experience in your life until the moment you start the game. If you start as a ninja and not as a child, this could include your primary Nature. 2) as long as chakra fallows the Naruto chakra Lore( - Kagia I Hope) then chakra Nature is simply a skill based on your Focus or Intelligence Stat. And the primary nature is simply the first in the list that you can learn. This list being Random Should be a thing, again only if you start as a child with out Ninja training. If you start As an adult with a Nature there is no reason to Make it random. But this is a story and Training question. And the path should fit the storyline.
  24. As of this morning I have installed Unreal 4 and Godot.
  25. hello my name is Clint and I go by NinjaMirage, on Xbox and most other forums. I have bin part of the SLO(w) community for several years and have made many suggestions that have bin rejected by the Devs on that project. As a result I started to learn programing and have completed online courses for C# and am taking C++ now. I am fairly proficient in Unity, but have never touched Unreal 4, yet. But you know if this game ever makes more then 100,000.00 you will owe unreal royalties of up to 25% I think it was. Unity only requires a subscription to the pro account if your game is successful. But judging by the Low poly nature of the Game design so far, you might consider Godot. its free and while it doesn't have the Graphical support Unity and Unreal have, it can do low poly pretty well. Any way I have Many Ideas for A Naruto(type) story and A in-depth understanding of How Chakra and Stamina should work in the Game universe and Why. I think I could be useful in a Level design capacity, or as a Lore Writer. I have posted some of my work in Unity as screenshots in the appropriate thread on the Discord Server. but here they are again, plus some other ideas I have bin working on. Waterfall, river Lava river. Character Sheet Chakra Control System Chakra part 2 with Heal Charka Part 3 I'm Located on the east cost of the US, so my time zone may differ form your. I would love to talk to you about the direction your game is taking and if you think my ideas can be useful to the project.
  26. Hello everyone, (don't know whats happen all topics are deleted so i need to do it again i guess) im Nasaku 27 yo gamer (yes im so old for games lol ) i love so much Naruto universe, i played some other mmo of it 2D & 3D i like rpgs hope meet you all soon IG, share love not war <3 best regards
  27. This is a summed up version of our survey results, highlighting the things we need to improve on the most. - Customization - Feedback was pretty positive, meaning that we will be directing our attention away from customization and to other more urgent systems. This doesn't mean that we will be ignoring customization altogether, we will be slowly adding more options for unique styles. - Combat - The general impression is that it's hard for practical application because of how easy it is to evade attacks. To improve on this, we will be looking to change the movement speed values while also exploring other solutions like lock-on targeting and homing projectiles. Another thing made clear to us was that the controls were somewhat confusing and impractical. With improvements, we also plan to make a tutorial-type introduction to the combat mechanics with visual indications. In the near future, we will be working on implementing key-bindings to make this process more customizable. Ninjutsu was by far the most well received part of combat, while Taijutsu was the least well received. We will be working on allowing more freedom of movement while cutting down on animation-lock times. We are also exploring the idea of animation canceling, but more on that in the future. There isn't much to talk about stats. We can't precisely balance things before we reach character progression phases, in which we can properly evaluate time and effort spent in relation to power gain from each stat point. Expect us to always fine-tune this system in Alpha 1. Animations and Visuals were well received, so not much will change in the way we work in this department. We have a lot more spells incoming, so stay tuned for that. - User Interface - This was by far our least popular feature, and rightfully so. We ask you to understand that we have no UI/UX designer on our team so we might not be able to compete with AAA-level games in this particular field. Even so, we will be trying out new looks and ideas, so expect this to improve with time. - Graphics - Graphics feedback was pretty positive, but with that said we still aim to improve, especially in the settings department. We will be working on resolution and graphics quality settings in the near future. - Lag and FPS- We are aware of the lag spikes and fps issues, this is something that we will be spending a lot of time working on. We have had some hosting issues, but we expect to resolve that in the near future. As for the fps drops, we will go through all of our systems and try to optimize them as much as possible. As stated above, we will also work on graphics settings to allow players with more decent setups to play with no issues. - Consensus - The majority of you wanted us to focus most of our attention to combat, with optimization and UI in the second and third place. We hear you, so we will be spending a lot of time on these features. - Final Notes- Overall, we are happy with how the first testing phase went. We got a lot of constructive feedback from you, and we also found a ton of bugs which we have to fix. Again, we want to thank everyone who took their time to participate in the testing phase, as well as the survey. We plan on making these after every patch, so we will be counting on your support again in the future! Kind Regards, Staff Team
  28. Didn't kno i had to record evidence, but i gathered rather many bugs i'm just gunna dump them here. Character Name: you wtf Explain the bug: Taijutsu: Jump+Ability = Float mouse1 to cancel - If cancel with rightclick, ability dont work until left click is used. Left click will use unused ability. W+Jump+Punch in air = Lock movement Fire ring + Taijutsu spam = double taijutsu no cooldown Kenjutsu: Jump + Left click + Right click = Casual Ken Jump + Left click + Right click + Z = Taiken Jump+sheathe = swapped combat Stance 3 + Right click + Left click = frozen stance Non combat + Jutsu + Right click + Left click = Client side no sword kenjutsu stance Casting element jutsu out of combat in kenjutsu form causes sheathe animation Either: Use ability from tai or ken, seathe weapon = locked combat, no animation on jump and jutsu locked. Nintai earth, wind, fire fps dropping Date: 4th of November Evidence (photo/video): no
  29. Well this idea in my head would work like this, reach max level > gear up > kill players from your own and other villages > build up notorious/infamous level > go full rogue [bad side] + pros of mercenaries/rogues + .Bounties for gold, Similarly to hitman .Increased reputation with higher rank clans such as Akatsuki [but i dont know if akatsuki will be allowed for normal players thats on you] .Special pve missions casue you are exiled from village .Can learn better set of skills [will impact the gameplay for end game casue this clan would be focused mostly around pvp] .Can get special gear trough achievements in pvp [kills,etc.] - cons of mercenaries/rogues - .Hostile to npc's in main citys [that would mean a special spawn] .Can be arrested [possible jail time] .Not everyone can join [cause of the abuse to low level players, probably gotta have some rp skills] .Mercenaries groups can attack each other for possible loot? there you go. When i finished this i saw that there would be a lot of programing problems with it, seems complicated a bit
  30. What kind of combat system would you like to see in game? There is the old school WoW-like system where a target is required and once a spell is activated, it travels towards the target no matter what. There is also the modern style of combat where most of the spells are aoe, or directional. When talking about the modern one, we have to look at these facts: Pros: Allows for a more dynamic combat, especially in pvp. It's more skill based compared to the old one. Cons: Lag. Since the targets aren't pre-determined, there will be times when people get out of range or accidentally get shot by a spell because of lag. From personal experience, this is a major issue and in order to keep these problems to a minimum, we would require a very expensive server to run this kind of system without problems, not to mention that players would also need fast connection. That being said, the prime idea would be to create a mixture of both. Having targeted combat as the default way to fight, but also having a lot of aoe and other effects. A good example for this would be the fireball jutsu. Once the jutsu hits the target, it can also deal aoe damage around the target in a specific range, depending on the size and power of the jutsu. Another example would be rasengan. When the target is hit, it will get knocked back a certain distance while also damaging everyone in it's path. This way we can minimize the lag casualties and incorporate the modern combat elements while also making sure that the combat is stable enough. This will also allow us to fully develop the dodging mechanics. What are your thoughts?
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